“Alchemy Of Souls” Reportedly Changing Leads From Jung So Min To Go Yoon Jung In Part 2, tvN Issues A Response

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Fans are a bit worried about the recent reports that have come out about  “Alchemy of Souls”!

“Alchemy of Souls” is a fantasy romance drama taking place in a fictional nation named Daeho, a country that doesn’t exist in history or maps. The story will follow a set of main characters whose fates get twisted due to magic that switches people’s souls. Jung So Min plays Mu Deok Yi, a great assassin stuck in the world’s weakest body. Go Yoon Jung plays the role of Naksoo whose soul wakes up in the body of Mu Deok suddenly.

On July 12, a news outlet reported that “Alchemy Of Souls” has started filming for part 2 and the female lead for the second part will be played by Go Yoon Jung. The second part is also reportedly 10 episodes long and all the other cast members will reprise their own roles.

To the fans who might not be aware, the director of the drama had previously mentioned they’re preparing for part 2 because they couldn’t fit everything in 20 episodes.

tvN has since addressed the reports, they stated, “It is difficult to confirm the details,” and the reason? The potential spoilers it can create for Part 1. A source from Jung So Min’s agency told news outlets it would be difficult to state whether she’s appearing in part 2 because it can be considered a spoiler. Go Yoon Jung’s agency released a similar statement.

Fans are upset at the likelihood that Jung So Min might not be returning for part 2 since many have come to like her character and her chemistry with the cast.

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My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.


So….. this kinda makes sense if you’ve been following the drama. I was concerned about how they would address Mu Deok’s soul, its not like its just gone because Naksoo is inside her. This was bound to be addressed one way or another but I didn’t expect it would include a change in lead characters.

This also leads me into a bit of a risky assumption, the assumption of a heartbreaking ending [but I shall not elaborate]. I mean the Hong sisters are no strangers to giving us sad endings but this one would shatter me if it becomes a reality. I must prepare myself for the worst case scenario while hoping for the best.

I love Jung So Min in this role and it would be sad to see her go. Added to that, she has amazing chemistry with everyone in the cast. This part has 20 episodes, so the audience will be spending time with her character a lot and this leads to attachment as well. I understand why tvN will not address this now. I wish this report never came out now.

It could be that if the report turns out to be true, they’re moving the plot from a romantic direction towards another completely different direction.

I don’t know, we’ll see how it goes.

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