Ailee Signs With New Label After Departing VIXX’s Ravi’s Label + Ravi Sends His Blessing

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Ailee has joined a new agency called Pop Music!

On July 31, Pop Music which is a subsidiary of WYSIWYG Studios officially announced that Ailee has recently signed a contract with them.

Previously, THE L1VE released an official statement to announce that Ailee will leave the agency at the end of July 2022 as her contract expires then.

Ailee took to her Instagram to officially announce the news to fans. She wrote, “I wound up transferring agencies. I wanted to tell my fans who always gave me their love and support before anyone else.”

Ailee promised fans to work even harder to becom a more mature and cool person alongside her new agency. Ravi addressed the happy news via Instagram and said, “Noona, lets be happy!”

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