Agency Denies LOONA’s Hyunjin Rumors Of Dating A 44-Year-Old Composer, How Did Such Rumors Start?

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LOONA’s Hyunjin has been wrapped up in dating rumors with a man twice her age.

On July 13, the news outlet WIKITREE reported Hyunjin was swept up in dating rumors with a 44-year-old composer on YouTube and various other social media platforms. The rumors were started by a controversial YouTube channel that is known for spreading fake and ridiculous rumors about idols.

The Hyunjin dating rumors claims were reportedly ‘backed’ by someone who hacked into her private Instagram and seen her profile, whom she’s been tagging, what she’s wearing and more. The alleged private profile she has ‘proves’ she’s dating the 44-year-old composer as alleged by the YouTube channel that started the rumors.

BlockBerry Creative told WIKITREE that the rumors are ‘groundless’ and they will be responding strongly to any malicious rumors created via YouTube.

LOONA has recently made a comeback.

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