aespa Breaks BLACKPINK’s record For Highest Stock Pre-Orders Achieved By Any Girl Group In History

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aespa has broken a huge record among girl groups!

Hours before their highly-anticipated comeback, SM officially announced that as of July 7, aespa’s second mini album “Girls” had recorded an impressive total of 1,610,517 stock pre-orders.

Stock pre-orders refers to the number of album stock that is produced ahead of the album’s release, it is an estimation which is calculated based on many factors including how many albums were pre-ordered by fans.

With their latest release, they now hold the record for the highest number of stock pre-orders achieved by any girl group in history breaking BLACKPINK’s impressive record which they had achieved with “THE ALBUM” in 2020. “THE ALBUM” recorded 1,028,888 in pre-orders. BLACKPINK and aespa remain the only girl groups to surpass 1 million copies in pre-orders.

aespa has dropped their highly anticipated comeback with “Girls.”

Congratulations to aespa on their new record!

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