Netizens Question Why Big Hit Refuted BTS RM’s Marriage Rumors But Didn’t Clarify BTS V And Jennie Dating Rumors

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Netizens have been discussing Big Hit Music’s most recent response to dating rumors regarding one of the BTS members.

On June 24, rumors about BTS RM getting married went viral on social media. The rumors began with a netizen who alleged they received a phone call from a hoobae of theirs. Big Hit then responded to the rumors rather quickly and dismissed them, they said, “RM’s marriage rumors are groundless.” They also added that they’re continuously taking legal action against any harmful rumors that start on YouTube.

Netizens are now comparing their swift response to the BTS RM marriage rumors to the BTS V recent dating rumors.

Recently, BTS V and Jennie were involved in dating rumors, however, YG issued an ambiguous response while Big Hit remained silent about the rumors choosing not to address any press inquiries regarding the matter at all, leaving fans to wonder whether V and Jennie dating rumors could possibly be true.

Added to that, netizens also brought up the previous instances in which they denied BTS members dating rumors, the dating rumors with BTS V were the first one they didn’t comment on. Big Hit is also well-known for being very fast at responding to any false rumors about the BTS members.

Netizens are asking why Big Hit chose to address RM’s rumors but not V’s dating rumors. Some speculate there might be some truth to the rumors considering their silence while others believe it might have been such ridiculous rumors that they chose to simply ignore it.

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