Sunmi Is Reportedly Taking Over Jessi’s Spot As The New MC Of “Showterview”

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Sunmi will reportedly become the next “Showterview” MC and netizens are sharing mixed reactions to the news.

A couple of months ago, Jessi stepped down from the popular show she was in charge of for  155 guests and a 2-year run.

According to media reports on June 24, Sunmi will now become the host of the web show. She’s recently wrapped up her first recording for the first episode this week. The show is expected to be titled ‘Sunmi’s Showterview’ and will air some time in late July.

Meanwhile, Sunmi is gearing up for a summer comeback.

Netizens are debating whether Sunmi should take over Jessi’s spot as many believe Jessi made the show her own despite the fact that it had another MC before her as well. Others are excited to see what type of charms Sunmi.

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  1. Bad move, get Jessi back! Jessi bought international flavor and interests to the show. Jessi got my Latino-American husband interested in my kdramas, kmovies abd kpop. I AM SORRY BUT YOU NEED TO GIVE BACK JESSI HER SHOW AND GIVE THE OTHER MC something else. It is about personality and we cannot see anyone else doing her show, you lost a demographics of Asian American and Latino American…bye, bye.

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