Kim Ji Suk Sends A Sweet And Thoughtful Gift To The Set Of Jung So Min’s New Drama “Alchemy Of Souls” That Shows How Much He Knows Her

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Kim Ji Suk shows support for Jung So Min and her drama “Alchemy of Souls” in the sweetest way possible!

On June 21, Jung So Min posted on her Instagram photos of the coffee truck Kim Ji Suk sent her to the set of her drama “Alchemy of Souls” with a wholesome message where he wrote a special guide to Jung So Min that made her heart so full.

Here is the special guide to Jung So Min that Kim Ji Suk prepared:

1- The first scene is sometimes difficult… her eyes get swollen like a newborn baby’s…

2- She has a dust allergy… so please use a humidifier…

3- She might dose off from time to time during shoots, but her ears are always open.

4- When she burst out laughing, don’t be surprised if you get to see her uvula.

5- She get 8 times colder than the other, so please give her heat packs.

6- If it get past 10’oclock, please give her something to eat, just give her food.

7- She is an INFJ (her MBTI personality type). The advocate, she wants everything and everyone to be at peace.

Jung So Min then wrote about how she was really impressed with what Kim Ji Suk has written for her, she said,

“The coffee truck that really touched me 3000. First, I was touched by the thought; “Yes… for eight months I worked with an oppa who knew me so well and is so considerate of me..!” Then I was moved once again by your honesty. Thank you, thanks to you it was a day filled with energy.”

“Alchemy of Souls” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m. KST.

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