Jessi Reveals She Wasn’t Informed That She Would Be Replaced On “Showterview,” But Shows Her Support For Sunmi

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“Showterview” is under fire for the way it handled the handout from one MC to another.

Recently, it was reported that Sunmi will become the next “Showterview” MC. The news hasn’t been officially confirmed yet but according to media reports, Sunmi will now become the host of the web show. She’s reportedly recently wrapped up her first recording for the first episode this week. The show is expected to be titled ‘Sunmi’s Showterview’ and will air some time in late July.

If you recall, a couple of months ago, Jessi stepped down from the popular show she was in charge of for  155 guests and a 2-year run. She said they probably will make a comeback but it will take some time because she needs a break. On June 25, Jessi took to Instagram herself to hold a live broadcast and discuss the news which in turn left a lot of fans confused and upset with the show’s producers.

Jessi revealed that she wasn’t informed another person was taking the spot and didn’t know she was ‘replaced’, she said,

“I literally am in a place in my life now, this is from the bottom of my heart, [where] there is no point of me to bullsh** about anything. I really wish the best for Sunmi and ‘Showterview’ because, yeah I took a break… We weren’t sure if we would come back or not. Most likely we were, but nothing was finalized, but I guess you know, someone, you know my friend Sunmi…they replaced me. But to be honest, I know it’s going to be different because listen guys, one thing about ‘Showterview’ is…’Showterview’ was actually not scripted. When they gave me that script, I said f**k that sh**, I”m doing it my way.”

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Added to that, Jessi says she’s only found out about the news via fans themselves who had shared mixed reactions to the announcement of Sunmi as a host. She found out when a fan wrote, “I want jessi’s showterviewwww plssss. I don’t mean I don’t like sunmi as the host but I’m definitely gonna miss your fun eonnie. good luck both,” Jessi replied with, “didn’t know. but goodluck to them.”

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Jessi has also shown her support for the new host Sunmi, she said,

Show a lot of love to Sunmi and a lot of love to ‘Showterview’. Like, I didn’t know, you know, one of my fans actually told me. I was like ‘oh really?’ But I didn’t really feel butt hurt at all because at the end of the day, the show must go on.”

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You can check out the video where she talks about this below!

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