IU’s Kind Personality Shines Through In Viral Video Telling Bodyguard Not To Push Fans At The Airport

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IU has recently gone viral, again, for her kind manners.

IU has been recently to France to attend the Cannes Film Festival alongside her “Broker” co-stars. The cast has recently returned back to Seoul and they were greeted by a huge crowd of fans and reporters.

The situation was overcrowded, to say the least, but IU made sure she checked on her fans and ensured they were okay. At one point when a fan got pushed aside, IU showed her protectiveness and told the bodyguard, ‘don’t push so hard like that. Don’t push like that.’

When IU also noticed a fan falling down, she pulled the bodyguard back so they wouldn’t unintentionally hurt the fan.

IU also accepted letters from fans and greeted them despite the situation being so overly crowded and at a point dangerous for her.

You can check out a video of the situation below!


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