Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Is A Professional Nurse And The Caring Wife To Her Falsely Accused Husband Lee Jong Suk In Upcoming Thriller Drama

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MBC has unveiled new stills featuring Girls’ Generation’s YoonA for their upcoming drama “Big Mouth”!

“Big Mouth” is an upcoming hard-boiled noir drama about a third-rate lawyer who becomes in charge of a murder case that turns him into a genius conman known as “Big Mouse.” In order to protect his family and survive, he must expose a huge conspiracy among the privileged upper classes.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA will take on the role of Go Mi Ho, a nurse, and Park Chang Ho’s wife. (who is played by Lee Jong Suk). She has always been encouraging and supportive of her husband’s desire to become a lawyer, when she finds out he’s been mistaken for a conman, she sets to clear his name herself.

Despite Go Mi Ho’s support for Park Chang Ho and his decision to become a lawyer, his low success rate made everything hard for them and their lives. And now, Mi Ho will face an even bigger crisis when her husband gets falsely accused of being a conman.

Mi Ho finds herself fighting the battle to clear her husband’s name of the absurd accusations in order to save the man who she loves. Viewers are looking forward to how Mi Ho, who is an ordinary nurse, will be able to face the strong wall of power and win the battle.

The newly released stills show Mi Ho’s kind and nurturing side while doing her job. She never loses her warm and gentle smile despite her tedious and tiring job as a nurse, she concentrates on tending to the patients and stays professional.

However, her whole aura changes in the third picture as she can be seen swarmed by reporters. Her gaze stays sharp and she doesn’t seem to be shaken by the overwhelming presence of the reports, she is determined to save her husband and prove his innocence.

“Big Mouth” is set to premiere in July.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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