BTS V Apologies To Fans And Reporters After Returning From Paris, Here Is Why

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BTS V has surprised fans after it was revealed that he apologized on Weverse and the reason will surprise you.

On June 28, BTS V returned from Paris after attending CELINE’s Fashion week show alongside BLACKPINK Lisa and Park Bo Gum. At the airport, many fans and reporters were waiting for the idols to return to snap photos of them. V headed straight to the car which was unlike him because he usually takes time to interact with fans who wait for him.

Many ARMYs thought V might have been tired thus he headed so fast to his car. Upon his return, V posted to Weverse twice, in his first post, he wrote, ‘I have arrived,’ and in his second post, he apologized.

V wrote,

“To reporters and ARMY, I am sorry for getting in the car right away. You must have waited a lot, right? I’ve bought a present!”

V followed with photos of himself at the airport.

Fans believe V’s apology for such a minor thing shows just how true of a gentleman he is. Many commented that he shouldn’t have felt the need to apologize for this.

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