BTS Jungkook Finally Explains Why He’s Deleted All Of His Instagram Posts And The Reason Is As Cute As You’d Expect

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BTS Jungkook had recently sent fans into panic mode after he abruptly deleted all of his Instagram posts sparking a huge debate online about the meaning behind it.

Some thought he is set to tease new music soon while others feared something bad might have happened but the reason is far from that.

Recently, BTS Jungkook personally explained why he deleted all of his photos and videos from Instagram. After initially deleting all of his posts, Jungkook would post and then delete them several times.

After seeing ARMY reaction, Jungkook wrote, “I laughed so hard until I thought my belling button was going to fall offf… but ARMYs… can I delete it once more and try again? I really want to make it prettier!!!”

There you have it guys, so this is why Jungkook deleted all of his Instagram posts.

Since then, Jungkook has settled on a theme and decided to center his photos in the middle giving a simple clean look to his Instagram following of more than 40 million fans.

Do you like Jungkook’s new Instagram look?

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