BTS and U.S. President Joe Biden Share Photos Of Their Meeting At The White House

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BTS and U.S. President Joe Biden have given a glimpse of the private meeting they held together.

On May 31 local time, BTS met with President Biden in honor of AANHPI (Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander) Heritage Month. Prior to that, the group spoke at a White House press briefing.

Later, President Biden posted a video of his meeting with BTS and wrote,

“It was great to meet with you, BTS. Thanks for all you’re doing to raise awareness around the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination. I look forward to sharing more of our conversation soon.”

BTS also shared a photo they’ve taken with the President. They wrote in their tweet,

“Thanks for having us at the White House! It was a huge honor to discuss important issues with [POTUS] today. We’re very grateful for [the BTS ARMY] who made it all possible.”

You can watch BTS’s speech at the White House press briefing here.

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