BTS RM Rumored To Be Getting Married To A Chaebol Daughter From A Prestigious University, Big Hit Denies

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BTS RM has been rumored to be tying the knot soon!

Recently, rumors about BTS RM getting married went viral on social media. The rumors began with a netizen who alleged they received a phone call from a hoobae of theirs. The hoobae is 7 years younger than them and had said she’s getting married to BTS RM himself. The netizen alleges the woman is from a chaebol family and a prestigious university and had met RM in 2014 or 2015 at a fan meeting.

The netizen had also said she said he’s a celebrity and asked them to keep it to themselves [which they obviously didn’t]. This was followed by the controversial channel of Sojang which fueled the rumors.

This channel was the same one that unveiled the relationship between Seo Taeji and Lee Ji Ah adding credibility to the rumors. They said he’s wanted to get married at around 32 or 33.

Big Hit then responded to the rumors by dismissing them, they said, “RM’s marriage rumors are groundless.” They also added that they’re continuously taking legal action against any harmful rumors that start on YouTube.

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  1. Glad Big hit has rubbishes this, first he says he will get married at age 32 to 33. Then says he doesn’t know this person and big hit have refuted his relationship with this person twice. JSeems like people are more keen on his personal life than his music. Hopefully they will be this keen on his solo activities as they are rumours about his personal life

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