A Second Alleged Victim Comes Out Against Nam Joo Hyuk Accusing Him Of Bullying, Agency Responds

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Nam Joo Hyuk’s Agency has issued a new statement addressing the new bullying accusations.

A week ago, a netizen [hereafter A] made a post claiming they were bullied by Nam Joo Hyuk for six years. The netizen claimed they were harassed by him and forced to run errands for the actor and his group. Management SOOP released a detailed statement denying the accusations and promising strict legal action against the netizens who spread it. The agency even updated fans regarding the legal action against the false bullying accusations and said they have sued the  informant, reporter and publication that first published the claim.

A second alleged victim [hereafter B] has come out with their own story since then. The report was published by a different news outlet from the first one. B alleges they were a victim of Nam Joo Hyuk’s bullying alongside his friends. They decided to come forward after seeing that the actor’s agency had sued their classmate A.

B says they were bullied to run errands by Nam Joo Hyuk and were forced to turn on their smartphone data hotspot against their will so he can use it. B alleges Nam Joo Hyuk had also took their smartphone to buy paid games and in-game items and never paid them back. B alleges that if they had refused a request or did something that displeased them, the actor and his friends would form a ring around them and force them to physically fight someone of their choosing.

Despite the newly released claims, Management SOOP continues to deny. In an official statement, they told news outlets that the rumors are ‘groundless.’

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