2PM’s Lee Junho Reveals He Received 100 Scripts Following The Success Of “The Red Sleeve”

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2PM’s Lee Junho has recently made a guest appearance on the hit variety show “Yoo Quiz on the Block”!

On June 29 episode of the hit show, Lee Junho made an appearance and talked about how his life has been following the performance of “The Red Sleeve” which became one of the biggest kdramas of 2022.

Lee Junho revealed that since then, he’s been offered a lot of leading roles and it takes him time to go through each one and review it. He shocked the hosts Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho when he revealed he was received about 100 scripts since then.

During the interview, Lee Junho’s successful career was showcased and the idol-actor revealed that despite his success as an idol, he hasn’t had many opportunities to pursue acting. He revealed that one day, he’s gotten into a serious accident while taking part in his group activities. Despite receiving surgery soon after it, he decided to take his chance and audition for the movie “Cold eyes” when he hadn’t fully recovered. This was the point that started his acting career.

Lee Junho said,

“I want to stay in this state of mind, I don’t want to get shaken, and I don’t want to get tired. I think I’ve matured over the past 15 years because I never got too excited, too happy or too sad.”

In the interview, Lee Junho also treated fans by dancing to “My House,” check out the full interview down below!

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