HYBE And Source Music Respond To New Evidence Document Claiming LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam Was Punished For Bullying

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HYBE And Source Music have responded to the new alleged evidence that allegedly proves Kim Garam was punished for bullying her classmates.

Recently, a netizen shared what they claim to be new evidence of Kim Garam being a school bully. They attached a picture of the results document issued by the Autonomous Committee for Countermeasures against School Violence.

The document names Kim Garam as a perpetrator of school violence along with another student. The document says Kim Garam from ‘first grade.’

Another netizen then shared a photo that allegedly confirm Kim Garam was in classroom number 3 when she was in the first grade of middle school [7th grade]. The picture is that of a field trip, Kim Garam can be seen posing with other students.

Fans then demanded Source Music respond to the new allegations. On May 16, Source Music said,

“Nothing has changed from our earlier stance. We have begun taking legal action and the details will be revealed via the legal process.”

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The bullying accusations against Kim Garam began in April prior to the group’s debut. Back then, Source Music denied the allegations and said they were ‘maliciously edited’ to slander Kim Garam and contrary to whats been said, they have confirmed through a third-party statement that she was in fact bullied when she was in middle school. Despite the agency taking legal action, the rumors didn’t subside and continued to grow even after the group’s debut.

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  1. They should just leave her alone, I’m happy the label is taking legal action against malicious comments and anonymous posts and they’re protecting their artists

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