“Shooting Stars” Ratings Continue To Drop Despite Its Star-Studded Cast, Why Is This Happening?

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Shooting Stars” has been struggling to capture attention domestically despite its star-studded cast, but why?

According to Nielsen Korea, “Shooting Stars” May 21 episode scored an average nationwide rating of 1.335%, this marks the drama’s second to lowest rating to date a couple of digits behind its 7th episode which is the drama’s lowest-rated to date, that episode scored 1.284%.

But why are “Shooting Stars” ratings still so low?

“Shooting Stars” boasts a star-studded cast including Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Young Dae, Yoon Jong Hoon, and more. The drama also has many known idol-actors such as Sojin, Lee Jung Shin, and Lee Seung Hyub.

One of the reasons for this is likely its time slot, “Shooting Stars” airs at 22:40, which is pretty late for a TV drama especially one that has idol actors whose fans are usually on the younger side.

Added to that, this specific time slot has remained vacant for a while now, “Bad and Crazy,” which ended its run in January of 2022, used to air in the same time slot.

Another reason might be that netizens find the drama’s premise not as fun as they it could have been.

Are you currently watching “Shooting Stars”?

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