Seo Ye Ji Is Getting Sued By An Advertiser For The Damages Caused By Her Controversies Last Year

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Seo Ye Ji is getting sued by one of the companies she advertised for prior to her controversies last year.

Last year, the actress was involved in controversy over allegedly manipulating Kim Jung Hyun‘s problematic behavior in 2018, due to the severe backlash against her, she withdrew from the drama “Island.”

Her agency issued a response at the time and Seo Ye Ji issued her own personal apology in February of 2022. She was also dropped from all the advertiser companies she was a model for at the time the controversy erupted.

Aside from the issue with Kim Jung Hyun which she directly addressed, there were so many rumors about her behavior and past that circulated the web, most of which weren’t directly addressed at the time by her agency leading to the negative sentiment towards her by netizens to grow stronger.

On May 27, Korean news outlets reported that Seo Ye Ji is getting sued by one of those advertisers she used to model for. According to the report, her agency Gold Medalist and Seo Ye Ji were unable to reach an agreement with the company, hence, the lawsuit.

Seo Ye Ji’s representative said through a statement to the press that they’ve amicably managed to end their contracts with six other advertisers after discussions.

In relation to this company, they said, ‘there was a difference of opinion between the advertiser and us as to the reason for the contract termination and amount of compensation.’

The company in question states that if the rumors weren’t true, Seo Ye Ji should have rebutted them. Due to the lack of response from her side [at the time], the company says its brand image suffered as a result.

Seo Ye Ji’s side maintains that all the rumors she’s been embroiled in including allegedly being a school bully, forging academic documents, and also abusing her power against staff were false and that she has no reason to cancel the contract and there is no obligation to compensate them.

Seo Ye Ji is currently filming for the upcoming drama “Eve” which airs on June 1st.

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