Kim Shin Young Strongly Denies Ridiculous Dating Rumors With Former Oh My Girls’s Member Jiho

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Comedian Kim Shin Young has stepped up to address the ridiculous rumors started by some netizens recently.

On May 20 broadcast of her radio program, she personally addressed the rumors. The rumors began when netizens alleged the two have been dating for quite some time now and that it was ‘an open secret’ among Oh My Girl fans. They back up their claims by alleging the amount of ‘couple items’ worn by them. Some even went as far as to allege this was the reason behind Jiho’s departure from the group.

Comedian Kim Shin Young says because of this rumor many sent her messages and the links to what was being alleged. She added, ‘some really baseless rumors have been going around. But my rumors are usually like this, in the extremes, never the middle. At first, I was like no one would actually believe this but it turns out, it has been going around a lot.’

Kim Shin Young says her fans know her as someone who likes giving people stuff, with these rumors, many netizens attacked her face and appearance, she defended herself and said if you’d meet her in real life, she looks good for her age [she’s in her 40s].

Kim Shin Young explicitly says the rumors are not true and is baffled by how people came to such conclusion. She asked netizens who said hurtful things about her to come see her at MBC.

Kim Shin Young then asks fans to cheer on Jiho’s new beginnings and says while she did wear some of her old clothes, she had asked to borrow them and thats all there is to it.

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