Kang Ha Neul Is Determined To Jump Into A New Dark World In Poster For Upcoming Action Thriller Drama “Insider”

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JTBC has unveiled a new exciting poster for their upcoming drama “Insider”!

“Insider” is an action-suspense drama about a character named Kim Yo Han (Kang Ha Neul), a judicial trainee who experiences a crisis while working undercover for an investigation. This leads him to become a prisoner. He ends up struggling to obtain a hand of cards that could change his fate.

Lee Yoo Young will play Oh Soo Yeon, a businesswoman who has the power to control various interests by using her money and connections. While Heo Sung Tae will play Yoon Byung Woon, a powerful villain.

Kim Sang Ho will play Mok Jin Hyung, he is a field inspector who fights against the cartel and is also the reason Kim Yo Han turned into the ‘Insider.’ Moon Sung Geun will play Do Won Bong, he is a man who once shook the financial and political world. Kang Young Seok will take on the role of the young genius player Jang Sun Oh. And finally, Heo Dong Won will play Yang Joon, a mysterious man who is in charge of the other end of the cartel.

The newly released poster features the main cast, while Kim Yo Han is surrounded by six players who will play a dangerous game with him. After Yo Han gets tangled up in an undercover investigation, he finds himself facing a terrible fate. Although he looks wounded and shattered, Yo Han is not giving up and is ready to open this tightly closed door and jump into the new world. The text reads, “This game will not end as long as I am alive” raising curiosity about his battle with these players and how it will begin.

“Insider” is set to premiere on June 8.

You can watch the drama’s teaser here.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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