Kpop Idol B.I Opens Up About His Drug Scandal For The First Time Ever In An Interview With Billboard

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Kpop Idol B.I has opened up about the scandal that nearly ended his career for the first time since it happened.

Recently, Billboard published an interview with B.I and talked about his music, how much he’s grown, and the scandal that shaped his future career.

B.I used to be a part of iKON but left in 2019 after it was reported that he smoked marijuana. In 2021, the case wrapped up with B.I getting sentenced to a probationary period of four years, including 80 hours of community service, 40 hours of drug education courses, and a fine of $1300.

B.I opened up about the situation and how by debuting at a young age he became competitive due to the expectations of him as an idol, he said,

“Many people expected a lot from me in 2016. To always do better was a very strong emotion that I felt at the time

Ever since I was young, I was overly sensitive to results because I was so competitive. I was obsessed with the need to perform better, create better music, to be the best. I wasn’t mature enough to handle the pressure that I put upon myself.”

When he was asked if there was someone at the time he could talk to, he said,

“There were, of course, people I could talk to.

But my personality isn’t the type to express my feelings to others. Even now, a lot of times I try to keep it inside. It’s probably one of my biggest weaknesses.

I guess you could say it felt like survival, of having to win, to fight. In a moment of weakness, I thought maybe I could relieve that burden.”

B.I also said that he’s deeply regretted his decision over and over again, he added,

“Even now, I regret that constantly. I shouldn’t have done it, but felt like I was in a corner, and I made the wrong decision. I was so young and stupid.”

When the scandal broke out, B.I described what happened, he said he felt as if “the world came crashing down. My mind was blanking out. Then I started thinking about the people that I had disappointed and hurt – my family, my friends, my fans – and hated myself.”

He also admitted that he went through one emotion he isn’t proud of during that time,

“It’s true that I had a victim mentality, because [the story] was a very big issue.

I’m trying to change people’s perception of me, not just by talking, but by my actions.”

The interview touched fans’ hearts who are happy the idol is back to making music.

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