Did aespa’s Winter Just Accidentally Spoil They’re Adding A 5th Member To The Group?


aespa’s Winter recent remarks have gone viral.

Some netizens began to speculate that aespa might be adding a 5th member after what Winter accidentally said on a radio show.

On May 11, the clip of Winter had gone viral, in the clip, Winter says, ‘now, with a new person’s ae…’ before catching herself. She gasped and said, ‘ohh!’ and appeared to have been shocked at her slip of the tongue.

This has led to many people speculating that aespa is adding a new member soon. Some others speculate that aespa might be going the NCT route too adding new members regularly. Netizens have been sharing mixed reactions to the idea of aespa adding new members as many believe the group has already established their image as a four-member group. The clip in question has amassed over 500,000 views as of this writing.

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Check out the viral clip below!

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