CL Shares Hilarious Story Of Why She Pinched Jo Se Ho’s Cheeks At Bigbang’s Taeyang’s Wedding

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CL has made a recent appearance on “You Quiz on The Block” and shared a hilarious story about how she acted in Taeyang’s wedding.

A couple of years back, CL was among the attendees of Taeyang’s luxurious wedding. She says she wore a black suit with a green fur coat because she didn’t know how else to dress, when she went inside, she tripped over the long fur coat and fell. She added,

“They got me inside and I wasn’t able to concentrate on the wedding after that. Up until I sang at the wedding, everyone was asking, ‘Chaelin, are you okay?’ and why I wore a fur jacket.”

CL also said when she saw the champagne, she couldn’t hold back and ended up drinking two glasses on an empty stomach thats when she met Jo Se Ho for the first time, she said,

“When Dara unnie went to greet Jo Se Ho because she knew him, I was already drunk and as soon as I saw him, I pinched his cheeks. I am sorry. [she laughed]”

The rapper apologized to Jo Se Ho who said Gdragon asked if they know each other, and when Jo Se Ho told him they’d just met, he said, ‘CL, what are you doing?’

Check out the hilarious clip below!

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