23-Year-Old YouTuber Kkuming Passes Away From Cancer

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Korean YouTuber Kkuming has passed away.

Recently, the popular YouTuber uploaded one last goodbye video to her channel making fans worry about her. The video was posted on May 18.

Kkuming is a Korean YouTuber who has been battling ovarian cancer since her diagnosis in 2020 at the age of 21. She has been uploading videos and vlogs about her daily life and struggle against cancer. She’s inspired thousands of fans with her optimism and positivity despite her terminal diagnosis.

In the goodbye video, she explains while her condition has been okay, it began to worsen since last week. She says she’s leaving this video as a goodbye because she thinks it will be the last one she uploads before she goes. She was told she’d either last a week or a month.

On May 25, a netizen rumored to be her friend left a comment on a video uploaded by the YouTuber relaying the sad news. The netizen refers to kkuming by her real name [Sol Bi] and says she’s passed away after the difficult battle and that she was thankful for all the love she’s received.

The netizen added, “If we have another life, I sincerely hope we can meet again and live happier. I ask everyone to give kkuming condolences.” The netizen added that they’re leaving this on the behalf of her request.

When asked to provide proof of their statement, the netizen said, “It’s very rude to post photos related to the ceremony,” adding, “I’d appreciate it if you could trust me because I was asked (to deliver the obituary) while sending off the person I really cared about.”

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May her soul rest in peace.

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