“Twenty Five, Twenty One” Receives Massive Backlash For Coverage Of The 9/11 Attacks In Its 15th Episode, Here Is Why


Despite “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” recently coming to an end, some snippets from the show are still going viral and there is one particular plot point thats been gaining a lot of negative feedback from k-netizens and international netizens as well.


On April 2nd, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” aired its 15th episode and during the episode, Nam Joo Hyuk’s character Baek Yi Jin goes to New York to cover the 9/11 attacks live. While the character was on screen, Kim Tae Ri’s character Hee Do can be seen smiling at the screen while watching her boyfriend and then expressing how she was upset she can’t talk to him that day because of whats going on.

Netizens criticized the show for its deception of the sensitive topic. Many believe the scene was unnecessary and done poorly without paying much respect to the gravity of the situation.


The scene where Hee Do frowns not because of the attack but because she won’t be able to talk to her boyfriend upset fans, her smiling at her boyfriend while he covers such a tragic event while hearing his voice but not seeing his face also upset viewers.

Many believe the way Hee Do reacted to the news was very insensitive as she focused more on how much she misses him rather than realizing the severity of the situation at hand.

In episode 16 of the show, some viewers also criticized the screenwriter because Yi Jin developed PTSD from covering the situation as it unfolded.

While some fans said the show focused on how young and naive the character is, most still believe it was insensitive and inappropriate.

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