Rookie Boy Group Member Mocks Billlie’s Tsuki’s Viral Dance Moves, Issues Handwritten Apology

Rookie Boy Group Member Dohyun from MIRAE has come under fire for his recent actions.

On April 4, several members of the rookie group MIRAE held a VLive to interact with fans. During the broadcast, they played various girl group songs including Billlie’s “GingaMingaYo (the strange world).”

Dohyun proceeded to make a number of exaggerated facial expressions in a way that fans thought mocked the Billlie members’ original expressions while they performed the song. A clip of the incident circulated online with people expressing their disappointment to see the video in which Dohyun does that.

On April 6, MIRAE’s Dohyun ended up posting a handwritten apology letter to Twitter, he also later took to Vlive to personally read his apology out loud.

In his letter, he deeply apologizes to the Billlie members and to the fans who saw the video and felt uncomfortable. He also added that he’s already conveyed his apology to the members via his management agency. He ended his letter by apologizing once again for causing concern through his behavior and promised to be more careful in the future.

You can see the viral video below!

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