MBC’s Drama “Tomorrow” Sinks To Its Lowest Rating To Date, More than 50% Decrease From Its Premiere Rating Of 7%


MBC’s Drama “Tomorrow” ratings have sunk to their lowest yet!

According to Nielsen Korea, MBC’s Drama “Tomorrow” ratings have sank to their lowest yet, fans are wondering why that happened.

MBC’s Drama “Tomorrow” most recent episode scored an average nationwide rating of 2.7%, its lowest rating to date. Its also the first time the drama dipped to the 2% ratings range.

Initially, “Tomorrow” its first episode has achieved the highest premiere ratings of any Friday-Saturday drama in MBC history, scoring 7.6%. However, despite its record breaking first episode, the drama’s ratings continued to dwindle.

“Tomorrow” tells the story of a man named Choi Joon Woong who after being jobless for three years attempts to take his own life. He goes to a bridge to jump off but he finds someone else trying to jump off while trying to convince them otherwise, they both fall accidentally off the bridge. The crisis management team run by grim reapers belatedly arrives at the scene, and Choi Joon Woong ends up falling into a three-year coma, his soul becomes half alive and half dead. He ends up getting a job at the crisis management, and his job involves taking special care of people who are at a high risk of suicide and helping them want to continue living.

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7 thoughts on “MBC’s Drama “Tomorrow” Sinks To Its Lowest Rating To Date, More than 50% Decrease From Its Premiere Rating Of 7%”

  1. The actors are fantastic. I have a monster bias for Lim.

    But this content is hard. There’s no levity. There’s no happy. And the death of a disabled trash collecting single veteran is … unbearably sad.

    Like WTAF.

  2. Am watching it and I love it so far, the stories of people who have been pushed to the edge and some things or words that doesn’t matter much to some people means the whole world to some…
    Jun woong friend, Kang Seung yoon, and grandpa, Stories made me cry like mad… Love it,

  3. I truly wholeheartedly love this drama “TOMORROW “ for its storyline and suspense elements in each episode. It tells stories that would teach foolish people wanting to die prematurely it is NOT the best solution to any fears and miseries in one’s life failures. Great drama for me.

  4. It’s because the main characters don’t really appear enough in the drama. The ancillary characters and their stories take up more than half of each show telling their stories only. There was a similar problem with Jirisan where I loved the actors but they didn’t have enough screen time or interaction between them…

  5. Not too surprised about the decreasing rating. I am so disappointed with the story. Every episode, while focusing on a different depressed character each time, follows the same narrative arc of resolution. I wasn’t put off by the topic of the drama, but ironically, the tedious monologues about the gravity of suicide in every episode, actually, make the drama quite depressing to watch. Another disappointment is the lack of character development for the main cast. It feels as if the supportive characters and the main leads have been inverted as the majority of each episode is solely focused on the suicidal character and their life story. I hope the second half of the show will even this out.


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