Kim Woojin Cast As Lead In Upcoming HBO Max Drama “Beyond the Wardrobe”

Kim Woojin will be making his acting debut playing the leading role in the upcoming HBO Max Drama “Beyond the Wardrobe.”

On April 18, his agency confirmed he was cast as Kyungmin in the upcoming drama adding that he’s currently filming in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Kyungmin is one of the members of a K-pop boy group named ACT, who will also include Daeho (played by NEWKIDD Jinkwon), Chul (played by XRO Yoon Jaechan), and Mok (played by Lee Min Wook.

“Beyond the Wardrobe” is an upcoming romantic fantasy drama about an ordinary teenager of Korean descent named Carol, she lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Despite wishing to remain distant from anything related to Korea, she accidentally discovers a magical portal in her closet that leads to the ACT members’ dorm.

HBO Max is said to be working on establishing its Korean branch later this year. The drama will air in 2023.

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