Jeon Do Yeon Suffers Injury On Set Of Her Upcoming Film

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It was belatedly revealed that actress Jeon Do Yeon has suffered an injury on the set of her upcoming film “Gil Bok Soon.”

On April 7, it was reported that Jeon Do Yeon suffered from a head injury during filming on the set of her upcoming film “Gil Bok Soon” and the injury required stitching. Because of this, filming for “Gil Bok Soon” was temporarily halted. It was then reported that the actress returned to filming two days ago.

Jeon Do Yeon’s agency, Management SOOP, confirmed reports about the actress suffering a head injury during filming for her upcoming movie, the agency said, “Actress Jeon Do Yeon went to the hospital immediately after the accident along with on-site emergency measures and received treatment and detailed diagnosis, there were no abnormal findings.”

The agency continued, “We have adjusted the filming schedule for the actress’ mental and physical stability, we are sorry for causing concern.”

“Gil Bok Soon” is a thriller action movie about a woman who is a legendary killer that gets caught up in an unavoidable confrontation right before her contract renewal with the company. Jeon Do Yeon will play Gil Bok Soon, a lethal killer who is also a single mother.

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