Goo Kyo Hwan Confirmed For Upcoming Action film

Goo Kyo Hwan has been cast in the new action film “New Humanity War: Resurrection Man”!

“New Humanity War: Resurrection Man” is an action film based on a webtoon titled “Resurrection Man,” it tells the story of job-seeker Seok Hwan who learns that he has the ability to resurrect three days after his death, the film follows the events after Seok Hwan learns about his abilities.

The film will capture the charming and unique concept of the webtoon, it will also describe the source of Seok Hwan’s ability to revive himself. The film will be directed by “Beauty Inside” director Baek Jong Yeol.

Goo Kyo Hwan will play Seok Hwan, a job-seeker living a normal life who accidentally dies then gets resurrected three days later, he gradually learns his secret ability to revive himself. Goo Kyo Hwan has previously caught the public’s attention when he appeared in Netflix’s “D.P.,” and the movies “Peninsula,” and “Escape from Mogadishu.”

Yong Film, which will produce “New Humanity War: Resurrection Man,” is planning to add new hero characters to the “New Humanity War” series. “New Humanity War” series will depict the story of those who were born through a secret research, those heroes will fight against those who are considered a threat to humanity.  

“New Humanity War: Resurrection Man” will begin filming in 2023

Are you excited to watch this film?

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