Girl Group ALICE [Aka ELRIS] Changes Leaders From So Hee To This Member

Girl Group ALICE [previously known as ELRIS] has announced a new change.

Recently,  ELRIS revealed its name will change to ALICE. The girl group also released a teaser video titled “ALICE – THE ORIGIN OF ALICE” signaling their upcoming comeback.

On April 20, IOK Company revealed that ALICE has changed leaders. Previously, So Hee was the leader, however, from now on Chaejeong will be the leader instead.

Why did ALICE change their leader from So Hee to Chaejeong?

The agency explained the sudden decision to switch leaders, they stated that she began to become overwhelmed by her busy and overlapping schedules. After discussion with the label they’ve become to the decision to change leaders from So Hee to Chaejeong.

ALICE’s name change happened after the group switched management agencies from HUNUS to IOK, back in 2021. This is the same agency that houses B.I.

ALICE is scheduled to return in May marking their first comeback in more than 2 years.

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