Fans In Love With BLACKPINK Jennie New Hair Color, Is The Comeback Near?

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BLACKPINK Jennie has caused a frenzy with her new hair color!

On April 10, BLACKPINK Jennie uploaded a new set of photos to her Instagram account. In the photos, she’s rocking a new hair color, orange.

Fans were stunned to see her rock such an experimental hair color and showered her with praise on the post. She captioned the photos with, “Dont talk to me or my new hair.”

As a result of her newest update, Jennie quickly became trending topic on Twitter with more than 200k mentions. Jennie later revealed that her new hair is inspired by Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) from The Fifth Element.

Since Jennie has bleached her hair, some fans are wondering whether this means the comeback is near, idols usually change their hair color whenever they’re preparing for a comeback.

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