Apink’s Leader Chorong Write An Apology Letter After Son Nauen’s Departure, Fans In Tears

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Apink’s Leader Chorong has taken it upon herself to apologize after the news of Son Naeun’s departure from the group.

Last night, Son Naeun personally announced she’s departing Apink after being with the group for 11 years. IST Entertainment also issued a statement to confirm the news.

As a result, Apink will now reorganize as a five-member group.

After the news became a trending topic, Chorong uploaded a personal handwritten letter to the group’s official Instagram account, in her letter, she actually apologized to fans for the recent news.

She wrote,

“Hello Pandas [Apink’s fandom name]

While contemplating on what words could possibly be of little bit of comfort to our pandas, I thought a lot while writing and re-writing this.

Even though I know our pandas don’t like it when we apologize, it hurts my heart so much that as of right now, the only thing I can possibly say is that I am sorry.

To pandas who must have been really surprised and hurt by this, I want to sincerely apologize.

After our last special album, all of the members thought and talked a lot about the group’s future going forward. As we’ve been together for the difficult and happy times over the past 10 years, this moment doesn’t feel real to us either.

In order to keep Apink for 10 years, each member had to made numerous sacrifices and put in a lot of effort too. Since we know this so well about each other, this is a decision we’ve made after serious contemplation about whats best for each other.”

She concluded her letter by talking about how the fans must’ve been so sad to hear this and opened up about how difficult promoting as five members were on them this time around, they along with the fans could feel an empty space. She also added that while she knows fans aren’t going to feel better at this moment, she’ll do her best to show them working even harder, she ended her letter by apologizing again to the fans.

Many fans were sad to read her letter and to find out she was apologizing over the sad news.

What do you think of Chorong’s letter?

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