A.C.E’s Official YouTube Channel Deleted After Getting Hacked, Agency Issues Response


A.C.E’s Official YouTube Channel has been wiped out!

On April 10, fans noticed that A.C.E’s Official YouTube Channel has been hacked and after that, unrelated videos were uploaded to the channel before it was ultimately deleted. Fans have been frantically emailing the company to alert them about the issue. The company has since responded to explain what had happened and what they plan on doing.

In a statement to social media, A.C.E’s agency BEAT Interactive said the channel was hacked and everything was deleted. The login tools they used which include secondary email address, recovery phone number, two-step verification backup code, etc. have all been changed. They added that the channel has indeed been deleted, they’re currently in contact with YouTube and Google regarding the issue and are waiting for their reply.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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