“A Business Proposal” Ends With A Rise In Ratings

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“A Business Proposal” ends with a bang!

According to Nielsen Korea, the last episode of SBS’ “A Business Proposal” scored an average nationwide rating of 11.4%, a significant jump from its previous episode rating of 10.6%.

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tvN’s “Military Prosecutor Doberman” ratings have slightly decreased, the drama’s latest episode recorded an average nationwide rating of 7.4%, a dip from its previous episode rating of 7.6%.

Meanwhile, The tenth episode of KBS’ “Crazy love” scored an average nationwide rating of 3.0%, an increase from its previous episode rating of 2.6%.

What did you think of the last episode of “A Business Proposal”?

Source: Nielsen Korea


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  1. It’s kind a rush …i feel like it should have more to it than just ending it like that . I admire most of korean scriptwriters on how healthy they create few twists of the storyline. And it becomes something you can relate. From the very beginning of this drama , there was anticipation to wait up for each episode and watch it yet at the end it’s kind a disappointing .Still kudos to the whole team

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