YG Entertainment Takes Down All Videos Of Jeon Somi Accidentally Leaking A Fellow Singer’s Song During Her Instagram Live

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YG Entertainment takes down all the videos of Jeon Somi accidentally leaking a song during her Instagram live!

On March 2, Jeon Somi went live on Instagram to talk with fans because she was bored, she took this opportunity to show them YG Entertainment sub-label The Black Label studio.

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During her Instagram Live, she heard a sound coming from somewhere in the studio, she tried following it to see where it was coming from. As soon as she knocked and opened the door a voice (presumed to be BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s voice) could be heard.

Although it was a brief moment, less than three seconds, the song’s chorus was leaked. Jeon Somi then explained to one of the staff members inside the studio that she was doing an Instagram live right now, she said nervously, “This might have been really bad.”

It didn’t take too long for the clip to spread like wildfire on the internet, everyone was tweeting it and talking about it, calling the clip “BLACKPINK’s new song leaked.” This resulted in YG Entertainment taking down all of the videos due to copyright issues.

Meanwhile, fans are overjoyed knowing that BLACKPINK is currently working on their upcoming comeback, even though the exact date is not known.

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