Two More K-POP Idols Diagnosed With COVID-19: ASTRO’s Moonbin And Sanha

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Covid 19 continues to afflict the K-pop community.

Recently on February 28th, Rosé from BLACKPINK contracted the virus and now 2 more popular idols have covid. This time it is ASTRO’S Moonbin and Sanha.

ASTRO’s agency, Fantagio, first informed fans of the news via the groups personal fan café.

The entertainment agency stated that Moonbin had first contracted covid on March 7th after experiencing minor cold symptoms. After taking a PCR test, his band mate Sanha was also confirmed to have the virus. They added that while Moonbin is still experiencing minor systems, Sanha remains asymptomatic. Further activities for both artists have momentarily ceased as they recover and adhere to strict quarantine guidelines. The agency asked fans to wait for further details on the ‘2022 ASTRO AROHA FESTIVAL” which has been scheduled for March 13th.

We hope that Moonbin and Sanha have a speedy recovery!

Source: Naver

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