T.O.P Discusses BIGBANG’s Highly-Anticipated Comeback + Comments On His Future Activities In The Group

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T.O.P answers fans’ most asked questions, how much involved will he be in BIGBANG’s future activities? And what do we expect from their next comeback?

On March 9, Prestige Hong Kong published their March cover which featured BIGBANG’s T.O.P, he also sat down for an interview and discussed many topics including his mental health, his love for art and music, his solo album, his future with BIGBANG, and more.

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In the interview, T.O.P talked about his future activities with BIGBANG and how, for now, there won’t be T.O.P of BIGBANG, he said,

“From the beginning, I’ve always shared with my fans that I’m fully proud that I am T.O.P of BIGBANG, but in the last few years I was starting to think that maybe this was the end, and maybe there won’t be T.O.P of BIGBANG for a while.”

T.O.P added that the group’s upcoming song will include a message to his fans, it will also include messages that explain why he will be taking a break from BIGBANG.

T.O.P explained,

“Being super honest with the fans, I really don’t want to say this is my last, but even more frankly, it might be a long while until I come back as T.O.P of BIGBANG. Over those five years, our music tastes and activities probably differed a lot, and now BIGBANG music and T.O.P’s music are quite different. I’m at the stage in my life where I want to awaken to fresh new challenges, stimuli and transition.”

T.O.P also hints at a possibility of a future reunion, saying that he loves his band and has a personal connection with each one of the members.

In addition, T.O.P talked about his plans to release his first solo album and that it is coming very soon, he said,

“I’ve been saying to my fans since my debut that I’ve been planning to come back with a solo album sometime in the future, whenever I feel ready. Now, I feel ready. My first album will come out soon, and it will be my very first journey of sharing who I really am.”  

Fans are overjoyed with this news, knowing that they won’t only get BIGBANG’s comeback this year, but also T.O.P’s solo album.  

On February 7, YG Entertainment announced that T.O.P has departed the agency after 16 years, they stated that T.O.P will be taking on a wide variety of new challenges as both an artist and an entrepreneur, they respect his decision to leave the agency and wish him the best.

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