Red Velvet’s Yeri Sends A Coffee Truck To Support SHINee’s Minho Upcoming Drama

SHINee’s Minho shows off his adorable friendship with fellow labelmate Red Velvet’s Yeri!

On March 1, Minho shared pictures of the coffee truck that Yeri sent to the set of his upcoming Netflix drama “The Fabulous.” The first picture shows him bowing in front of the coffee truck, and in the second picture, he is smiling happily while he’s holding a coffee cup.

The banners surrounding the coffee truck have supportive messages written on them, the one on the coffee truck reads, “I support the team of “The Fabulous” and Minho oppa.” While the banner next to the coffee truck reads, “My dear oppa, fighting.”

“The Fabulous” tells the story of the work, passion, romance, and friendships of young men and women who work in the fashion industry.

Minho will play the freelance photo retoucher Ji Woo Min, while Chae Soo Bin will play Pyo Ji Eun, the manager of a PR agency for luxury brands.

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