Neighbor Exposes Conflict With Seo Ye Ji And Her Parents Over Parking, Agency Responds

Seo Ye Ji is involved in new controversy and it has to do with her parents and the alleged inconvenience caused by them.

Earlier this week, a netizen ‘A’ posted to an online community a lengthy post detailing several issues they’d had with Seo Ye Ji’s parents and the way their conflict was resolved.

A claims,

‘Seo Ye Ji’s parents placed dog gates around a stairwell blocking others from using it since it was used by the residents of the villa. This created a conflict with the other neighbors too. Due to this conflict, Seo Ye Ji’s father even pushed people threateningly.’

A claims that Seo Ye Ji visited her parents about three times a week and each time would park her car wherever she liked in front of other people’s cars, people couldn’t get out. This issue carried on for four years.

A also says they had interactions with the actress and at first, she denied it was her, but then she brought a lawyer and the lawyer listened to their conflicts over the past 4-years, the lawyer apologized for everything. A added,

“But Seo Ye Ji didn’t seem like she meant the apology, she said her parents would be moving out of the villa and also asked, ‘you’re not posting this on the internet, are you?”

A source from Seo Ye Ji’s agency addressed the claims and stated,

‘The issue happened due to misunderstandings. Seo Ye Ji’s family apologized to the neighbors involved once they found out there were complaints. Some time later, her parents moved out. Whether or not someone’s apology seems genuine is up for interpretation. The matter has been resolved.’

Seo Ye Ji had recently made headlines after finally issuing an apology due to her past controversy. Last year, the actress was involved in controversy over allegedly manipulating Kim Jung Hyun‘s problematic behavior in 2018, due to the severe backlash against her, she withdrew from the drama “Island.” Her agency did issue a response at the time but the actress herself never addressed it.

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Source: (A)

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