MAMAMOO Solar Jokes That Music Bank Dug A Hole Where She’s Standing In Recent Interview

MAMAMOO Solar hilarious response to a recent video has gone viral.

On March 18, MAMAMOO Solar appeared on “Music Bank.” As per usual, the idols who are performing on the show will get to do an interview with the MCs and sometimes, if there are soloists or duos, they’d be combined with others.

It just so happened that MAMAMOO Solar was stuck between giants on that day. She took to her Instagram stories to share a screenshot of her interview on the music show, she joked, ‘music bank, how could you do this to me? You dug a hole in the spot where I was standing.’

Obviously joking but it does seem like a plausible argument. Solar is 160.5 cm tall and around her other idols were some of the tallest in the industry with ASTRO’s Moonbin (182 cm) and Sanha (185 cm), ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon (181 cm), and even IVE’s Wonyoung (173 cm).

You can check out the interview below!

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