Was This American Media Outlet Question Rude? Lee Jung Jae And Jung Ho Yeon Asked What They’ll Miss About Being Anonymous At The 2022 SAG Awards


Squid Game made history as the first non-English-language TV series and the first Korean series to win at the 2022 SAG Awards.

Lee Jung Jae And Jung Ho Yeon both took home awards that night. During the interview portion with the reporters backstage, the two actors were asked a question that divided netizens. Was it rude or simply innocent?

During their interview time, a reporter from Access Hollywood asked them “Now that you’re SAG winners what are you going to miss most about being anonymous?” Lee Jung Jae only smiled and didn’t reply to the question while Jung Ho Yeon said, ‘nothing.’

Some k-netizens think the question was disrespectful towards Lee Jung Jae specifically since he’s been active in the industry since the 90s. Jung Ho Yeon on the other hand has been working as a top model for a decade internationally.

Some others believe the reporter might have meant ‘anonymous’ in America specifically since “Squid Game” shot them to international fame.

You can check out the clip in question down below [at the 01:40 minute mark]!

What are your thoughts on this?

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