Kim Sejeong Apologizes After Uploading This Photo As Proof Of Her Voting In The Korean Presidential Elections, Here Is Why

“A Business Proposal” star Kim Sejeong has apologized in relation to her recent Instagram post, here is whats going on.

On March 9, Kim Sejeong uploaded a post to her Instagram. In the post, she shared selfies of herself as well as proof of her voting for the presidential elections which took place last night. The proof was in a tiny stamp on her hand.

Initially, she captioned with, ‘voting done, I ate breakfast, too. I feel good. Everyone, please don’t forget to vote!’

However, some netizens pointed out that the government has advised against getting a stamp certification on the hands due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, this was decided to prevent the potential spread of the virus among voters.

Later, Kim Sejeong realized her mistake and edited the post to include the following, ‘I didn’t know, I am sorry. Everyone, the act of stamping the back of the hand… the government has asked us to refrain from it due to the quarantine rules. Since I found out later, I am uploading this post edit.’

Kim Sejeong is currently starring in the hit SBS drama “A Business Proposal.” The drama has been enjoying a steady rise in ratings since its premiere two weeks ago.

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