JTBC’s “Thirty Nine” Episode 7 And 8 Are Not Airing As Originally Scheduled, Here Is When They’ll Air Instead

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JTBC’s “Thirty Nine” will be taking a break for a week, thus, episode 7 and 8 will not air at the originally planned released date.

On March 4, JTBC announced that “Thirty Nine” will be going on a one-week hiatus next week due to the coverage of South Korea’s presidential election.

This means that “Thirty Nine” episode 7 and 8 won’t air as scheduled, instead, “Thirty Nine” episode 7 will air on March 16, while “Thirty Nine” episode 8 will air on March 17.

“Thirty Nine” has a total of 12 episodes and was originally scheduled to end on March 24, however, due to the broadcasting changes, the drama will end on March 31.

Instead of its regular broadcast, “Thirty Nine” will air a special broadcast that sums up its first half instead of new episodes.

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