[TRENDING] Han So Hee’s Mother Is Getting Sued For Using Her Daughter’s Name To Fraud People Of Millions Of Won, Han So Hee Issues A Response


Han So Hee’s Mother has made headlines for getting accused of fraud.

Previously, on March 2nd, JTBC exclusively reported that a famous celebrity’s mother is getting sued on the charges of fraud in the amount of 85 million Won ($70,489.74 ) on February 25th. It was said that the mother borrowed 85 million won from an acquaintance from February 2018 to September 2019 promising to pay it back with interest, but she didn’t end up paying it.

Later, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho revealed the actress was Han So Hee, and that her mother is embroiled in a lawsuit as previously explained. According to the YouTuber, the mother had made a bank account with her daughter’s name when she was a minor and had used that when her own account was unavailable for transactions.

The mother and the plaintiff have a dispute over how much has to be repaid since they didn’t draft a contract. The mother told the YouTuber in a statement that its her fault and she’ll work hard to repay the money.

On March 7, Han So Hee’s agency released an official statement to address the situation, they revealed that the actress was not involved in this case whatsoever and her mother was doing this to take advantage of her daughter’s name and identity. They confirmed that the mother, named Mrs. Shin, opened up a bank account under Han So Hee’s name while Han So Hee was a minor, and used it to borrow money without Han So Hee’s knowledge.

The agency added that there have been similar incidents with the mother, one of the cases involving her forging private documents, the case went into civil trial and the court had determined that Han So Hee had no knowledge of the situation. She was not held responsible for it as a result.

Han So Hee is also not planning on taking responsibility for her mother’s debts due to the issues her mother has caused, she wants to stop the series of acts where people try to get money by abusing a celebrity’s name like that. The agency asked for people’s understanding as they’re releasing a statement to stop this from happening.

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