[BREAKING] Cube Entertainment Terminates Contract With Former (G)I-Dle member Soojin After Police Concludes Investigation

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Cube Entertainment and Former (G)I-Dle member Soojin will be going their separate ways.

On March 5, the agency released a statement to announce they had terminated Soojin’s contract. According to the agency, they have attempted to uncover the truth behind the bullying allegations for a while now since February of last year and police investigation has found the accusers weren’t guilty.

They wrote,

“We would like to inform you that our exclusive contract with artist Seo Soo-jin has been terminated.

In response to the controversy raised in February last year, the company and Seo Soo-jin tried to determine the authenticity of the accusations through a police investigation for a long time, but the investigation by police found that the accusers were not guilty [charged].

We respect the results of the police investigation, and we are sorry for causing concern to many people.”

This announcement comes after what was alleged last year, it was alleged that Soojin has been involved in bullying controversy and among the alleged victims was the child actress Seo Shin Ae who attended the same school as her.

Soojin personally denied the news and so did Cube on many occasions, they also promised strict legal action against the netizens who spread the rumors. Actress Seo Shin Ae issued a statement sharing her side of the story, following that, the agency went radio silent and didn’t address the statement despite requesting her to speak out on the issue. In August of 2021, Soojin departed her group.

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  1. I’ll really miss her in (G)I-DLE, however, I’ll continue supporting her and the girls, I hope she finds another agency and come back as a solo artist more stronger
    #GIDLE will always be 6

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