Despite Getting Sued Jointly Because Of Her Mother’s Debt, Court Rules That Han So Hee Isn’t Required To Pay Off Her Mother’s Debt

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Han So Hee will not be required to pay off her mother’s debt, a court has ruled.

On March 8, an exclusive report by Dispatch revealed that the Ulsan District Court has ruled actress Han So Hee isn’t liable for her mother’s debt.

The court says that the text messages the actress sent to her mother, ‘mom, I’ll work hard and help you,’ were used against her and stated that these text messages are merely about helping the mother’s existing debt, but the fact that the mother used her account doesn’t mean Han So Hee is jointly responsible for the debt.

Previously, victim A filed a lawsuit against the actress claiming that she is also jointly responsible for her mother’s debt, however, the court disagreed with that and ruled otherwise.

Recently, it was revealed that Han So Hee’s mother borrowed 85 million won from an acquaintance from February 2018 to September 2019 promising to pay it back with interest, but she didn’t end up paying it. The mother had reportedly made a bank account with her daughter’s name when she was a minor and had used that when her own account was unavailable for transactions.

On March 7, Han So Hee’s agency released an official statement to address the situation, they revealed that the actress was not involved in this case whatsoever and her mother was doing this to take advantage of her daughter’s name and identity. They stated that Han So Hee is also not planning on taking responsibility for her mother’s debts due to the issues her mother has caused and that she also hasn’t been in contact with her mother for years.

Han So Hee is currently preparing for her return with the Disney+ Drama “Soundtrack#1.”

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