Woman Exposes Kpop Female Idol Of Having An Affair With Her Husband, Getting Pregnant And Asking For Abortion To Be Paid

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A woman ‘B’ has accused a female kpop idol ‘A’ of having an affair with her husband and the story is crazy!

Earlier this week, B posted to an online community a shocking post, the post she claims the female idol A had an affair with her husband and even got pregnant.

B says she’s a newlywed wife and has been married to her husband for 3 months, adding, ‘my husband had an affair with A and now she’s pregnant.’

B also added that she’s confronted her husband and he’s already admitted to it but claims the baby isn’t his, on the other hand, when she met A, A confirmed it was his baby,

“She told me she planned to get an abortion and threatened that if I didn’t pay for the abortion, she would give birth to the child and my husband would have to pay child support.”

B continued,

“My husband begged me to take him back since A would be getting an abortion anyway.”

B refused to take him back and asked for a divorce, but now the husband says he’d only divorce her if she paid off his debt and fines. Not only that, but A has also contacted her and said she’d be suing her husband.

B gave a hint about the girl group member, she said she’s born in 1988 and from a 3-member girl group.

The post has since gone viral and various Korean news outlets began to cover the story. B has deleted the post but netizens are now on the hunt for the identity of the idol.

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