This K-Pop Trainee Got Attacked And Called Racial Slurs While In New York City

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K-Pop trainee Beomhan revealed that he got harassed and called homophobic and racial slurs while he’s in New York city.

Beomhan is a trainee under Global H Media and is part of the pre-debut group M.O.N.T Arena. From January 1 to January 16, Beomhan was part of the FM Tour 2022 New Year Kick Off with his fellow M.O.N.T Arena member Jay, they participated in concerts and gallery showcase.  

On February 12, Beomhan was doing a live broadcast and decided to talk about a recent experience he had and why he has a scratch on his neck.

Beomhan said that he was sitting on the train, wearing headphones and listening to music when was approached by a homeless man, the homeless man started talking to everybody on the train while pointing at him, he thought that Beomhan couldn’t listen because he was wearing his headphones, but he was able to hear everything.

The homeless man kept telling everybody to look at Beomhan while he called him a bunch of racial and homophobic slurs. He then got closer to Beomhan and asked him for some money, which caught him by surprise. Beomhan politely told him no and asked him to stop calling him those words, which only seemed to make the man more persistent on terrorizing him, he replied with “Or what?” and he kept getting closer to Beomhan to the point where he thought he was going to kiss him.

The homeless man then pretended to punch Beomhan, which made the trainee gasp as he flinched away from him, but the man didn’t stop here, he actually started choking Beomhan and his fingernail cut his neck.

Beomhan speculated that this whole situation was intentional and premeditated by the homeless man.

Even though this live broadcast was done a week ago, fans are still trying to bring awareness to the matter.

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